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Autumn 2014 - Making Fathers Figure

Making Fathers Figure is a new initiative in South Lanarkshire which is looking to ensure that dads (and family men) are recognised and routinely included by Early Years Service providers.

Funded through the Early Years Change Fund, Making Fathers Figure has the ambitious aim of changing the culture within Health, Education, Social Work and the Voluntary sector to ensure that dads are routinely included in all aspects of their child’s development and education.

Taking a three pronged approach, the project has established a steering group of key people who have influence in the various settings and has engaged them in the initial planning process to influence change on staff; families and the wider community.

An initial consultation event called 'What's the Score?' was held with fathers in November 2013. Dads were invited along to an informal play session held in conjunction with the Familyman Playgroup in the Hillhouse area. Whilst the children enjoyed a range of play activities the dads were invited for an informal chat to gather their views on a range of topics and experiences of services. The feedback was noted and collated into a report.

The report helped form the basis of an action plan for the working group.

The plan includes:

  • The development of a suite of 'Dad Cards'  that cover key development stages between Pre birth and Starting Nursery. The cards will present a consistent message to staff; families and the community that dads are important and have a key role to play in their child's development.
  • A review of multi agency staff training and a development of new opportunities for staff to raise awareness and adapt practice.
  • The pilot of 'dad only' programmes to test the effectiveness of targeted provision.

All elements of the plan will be tested in line with the National Early Years Collaborative improvement science methodology and the results feedback not only locally within South Lanarkshire as part of National Pioneer Site programme.

For more information on the programme please contact:

Fiona Robertson

Senior Community Learning and Home School Partnership Worker - 01698 452214